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Welcome to Real Profile Group

We are an Oil & Gas marketing and Commodities trading company, with offices and desks in Lagos, Abuja (Nigeria) and the United States of America.

We source and deliver energy products and raw materials that drive the global economy. We act as long-term partners to producers and end-users of oil and petroleum products. We manage risk and improve market competitiveness

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Product Pricing Table

The pricing table of our good and service

% Oil

Business Mission & Value Proposition

In the achievement of the above stated objectives of the company, these objects were further streamlined into individual business lines and operations viz.

If you have any querry for related investment... We are available

Our Core-Team

A successful company rely on the professionalism of its management.

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Our philosophy ensures that as the world markets and requirement evolve, we will respond with products and services that meet our client's needs.

We provide first class service to the oil and gas industry by rendering detail services which are tailored to suite diverse individuals and organizations that make up our clientele.